An organized portfolio management strategy should be about diversification* and consistent monitoring to keep all the pieces fitting together.

Just as there is no one right way to solve a six-sided puzzle, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to portfolio management. Based on your financial objectives, risk tolerance, unique circumstances and timeline, we guide you in developing a personal asset allocation* strategy – and adjusting it as time goes by. We believe establishing and managing an appropriately diversified portfolio is key to long-range success as your life and the world around us changes. Over time, your portfolio can benefit from a consistent and disciplined approach to investment decision-making.

We also monitor your portfolio on a regular basis to determine whether changes need to be made in your asset allocation or choice of investment options. Based on your goals and personal situation, we allocate your assets to manage risk and rate of return, as well as to help capitalize on market conditions.

Asset allocation is the process of selecting a mix of asset classes that closely matches an investor’s financial profile in terms of their investment preferences and tolerance for risk. It is based on the premise that the different asset classes have varying cycles of performance, and that by investing in multiple classes, the overall investment returns will be more stable and less susceptible to adverse movements in any one class.

All investments involve some sort of risk, whether it’s market risk, interest risk, inflation risk liquidity risk, tax risk. An individualized asset allocation strategy seeks to mitigate the risks of any one asset class though diversification and balance.